Transition from Eagle Point to InRoads or Geopak

This past November, Eagle Point announced that after their 2012 release, they will no longer sell their civil engineering design software.
What does this mean for you, the Eagle Point user? It means a change in software.
Bentley has an aggressive offer for you to replace your Eagle Point software with InRoads, PowerInRoads, Geopak, or PowerGeoPak for your Civil work.
Call us today for a demo and/or a free 30 day trial of the software.

You are at a crossroad - determine your future course!

InRoads and PowerInRoads
Runs on MicroStation or AutoCAD
InRoads Datasheet

Geopak and PowerGeopak
Runs on MicroStation or AutoCAD
Geopak Datasheet

Remember that 47 of the State DOT’s are standardized on MicroStation for their CAD, and 46 states are standardized on either InRoads, Geopak, or MX for Design. MicroStation can read and write DGN & DWG files — Become competitive on projects requiring DGN. (DOT’s, FHWA, USACE, DOD Utilities, Cities, Counties, & more.)

To receive a quote for Bentley’s “aggressive offer” please call or email:
Linda Grubb • 714-374-0440 •
Archway Systems, Inc • 2134 Main Street, Suite 160 • Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Archway is a reseller of Bentley software, and also provides training and consulting for companies and individuals.

Bentley is known for their full line of infrastructure software: MicroStation, ProjectWise, Roadway Design, BIM, Architecture, Water & SewerGEMS, Storm, RAM, Staad, plant, electrical, and more.

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